The Power of Seaweed

Incredibly delicious, amazingly nutritious, and extremely climate-friendly. Learn more about the wonders of this amazing sea-veggie.


Photo of a sea turtle swimming underwater. A living representation of gimme Seaweed logo

Better for the planet

Zero input food: requires no fresh water, land, or chemicals to grow

Captures CO2

Helps de-acidify oceans

Fully regenerative

As Seen In

"Seaweed serves as an excellent carbon sink, and so farming more of it to use in food could be an important step in the fight against climate change."
"Seaweed is a superfood that not only tastes delicious but is also great for your health."
"The New Salty Seaweed Snacks We Can't Stop Eating"
"These umami-bombs are as addictive as they are good for you."



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