Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seaweed - .17oz (6 Pack)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This flavor is buttery, smooth, and extra delicious thanks to EVOO. Made with our premium organic seaweed, we roast it to light crispy perfection using organic extra virgin olive oil and finish it off with a sprinkle of sea salt.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Seaweed, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols).



Organic Seaweed

Seaweed is an excellent source of iodine, a vital trace mineral that plays a critical role in thyroid health.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Sea Salt

Sea salt includes vital minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper, and zinc.


Iron, fiber, beta carotene, calcium sustainability, umami. Treat your tastebuds and learn more on our Why Seaweed page.

Seaweed! Yep. Seaweed is a vegetable.

Nope. Not when you're talking seaweed. "gim" in Korean means "seaweed". gimme means "MORE seaweed"!

Seaweed farmers!

Nutrient rich seawater, cold temperatures, and enough sunlight to drive photosynthesis. Visit our About Us page to see how we grow our seaweed!

Sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami. (Umami is the flavor of - you guessed it - seaweed!)