Turkey Wrap

Swap your tortilla for Superfood Seaweed

Active Time:

10 Minutes



Difficulty Level:


Turkey Wrap


  1. Lay 1 sheet of gimme Seaweed Sushi Nori with short side closest to you on flat, dry surface with rough side up. Moisten the back inch of Sushi Nori sheet and press the second Sushi Nori sheet on top to stick them together into one long sheet.
  2. Arrange a layer of romaine lettuce over the entire sheet of Sushi Nori closest to you.
  3. Top that with a layer of tomatoes, a layer of avocado slices, and a layer of turkey.
  4. Spread mayo and optional mustard on top of turkey and on remaining Sushi Nori.
  5. Roll it up like a burrito and seal the Sushi Nori closed.
  6. Use a serrated knife to cut it in half and enjoy!