Every Day is Earth Day

Our seaweed is grown in the pristine waters of South Korea in the Yellow Sea most famous for producing the world's finest seaweed. Unlike conventionally grown-seaweed, our seaweed is naturally-grown and tended to by a passionate group of local farmers who are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the ocean's natural ecosystem. Each lot of seaweed is inspected and taste-tested by our founders Annie and Steve to ensure only the best is used in the creation of our products.

See how our seaweed is grown below!

Go Green, Snack Happy!

Unlike land-based crops (think kale & cauliflower), the sun and water provide everything our seaweed needs to grow and thrive!  

Limited Edition Earth Day Stickers

We hope you were able to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd! Keeping our oceans blue and our planet clean is important for a happier and healthier world.

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Earth Day Coloring Book

Show us your work of art with #GimmeEarthDay and we'll feature it on our website.

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