Sweet & Salty Seaweed Popcorn


15 min or less


4-5 Cups

Difficulty Level


Sweet & Salty Seaweed Popcorn

Sweet and salty is always a winning combo. This popcorn recipe is quick and not too sugary. The undisputed salty goodness of seaweed is highlighted with a gently warmed buttered brown sugar. You might find some bits of seaweed at the bottom of the popcorn bowl and they are tasty by themselves, too.

  1. Shred up your seaweed into small pieces either with a knife, blender, or your hands. In a blender, set to a low speed and use a rubber spatula to remove. If using a knife, place the entire stack of seaweed snack size on a cutting board and cut using a rocking motion with the knife. The finished cut seaweed size should be small and fine. Set the seaweed to the side. To pop the popcorn, place a sauce pot with a lid on medium high heat with one tablespoon of oil. Place two popcorn kernels in the pot with the lid and wait until they pop.
  2. Once the two kernels pop, remove them from the pot and pour in all of the kernels and place the lid back on top. Lightly shake the pot while waiting for all the kernels to pop. Shaking the pot will help make sure unpopped kernels fall to the bottom of the skillet and that the kernels don't burn at the bottom.
  3. When all the popcorn is popped, place it into a large bowl with a lid. In the sauce pot, melt the one tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of brown sugar on medium heat. Wait for small bubbles to appear and then sprinkle the finely chopped seaweed into the sugar. This should take about four minutes. Carefully and as consistent and slow as possible drizzle the melted sugar across the popcorn bowl and toss or shake it with a lid on.