Seaweed Buttered Toast

Prep Time

10 minutes


1 cup

Difficulty Level


Seaweed Buttered Toast

I love compound butters so much. It is such a great way to infuse big flavor with few ingredients. In 1903, Auguste Escoffier included an anchovy butter in his book, “Le Guide Culinaire”. His use of anchovy compound butter is so delicious and infuses so much seafood umami. In Rufus Estes' 1911 book, “Good Things to Eat”, he expands on the uses of anchovy and butter. This butter recipe is meant to invoke all of that yummy sea umami for a vegetarian or vegan palate. Try on grilled corn, a base for avocado toast and to finish roasted veggies.

  1. In a blender, blend your seaweed until you have fine sprinkles.

  2. In a bowl, whisk together your seaweed flakes and butter. If the butter gets stuck in your whisk, use a rubber spatula to scoop the butter out.

  3. Spread the butter on your toast and enjoy!