Take Your Seaweed Snacks to a New Level with This Plant-Based Recipe

Seaweed snacks are tasty as is, but combining them with a few key ingredients will give you a munchie with staying power.

Sure, pretzels, hummus, and veggies is a tried-and-true snack combo that'll quell your growling stomach until dinnertime. But that munchie medley can get real old real fast. Your game plan to re-enliven snack time: Grab a pack of seaweed snacks (Buy It, $2, and fix yourself a batch of these crispy bites.

Fresh and flavorful, these seaweed snack-based crisps combine everything you crave — salty, spicy, creamy, and crunchy — into one mini meal. Plus, it's packed with nutrients to fuel you through the afternoon; the cauliflower's fiber will keep you feeling satisfied long after you've finished eating, while the avocado's healthy fats will give you a boost of long-lasting energy.

Thankfully, you don't have to be an experienced sushi chef to concoct the munchies. Just place a scoop of the cauliflower rice mixture on top of the seaweed snacks, top with avocado slices and sauce, and chomp away.