Seaweed: the Perfect Road Trip Snack

If life is a grand adventure, travel is taking the scenic route

If life is a grand adventure, travel is taking the scenic route. From simple day excursions to epic cross-country trips to living the “van life” dream, adventures on the road are one of America’s great pastimes, and more popular than ever. We love the feeling of fun, freedom and possibility that comes with being on the road.

What we don’t love is the tough task of finding truly nutritious food on the road. Healthy fast-food options are very limited – and usually highly processed. Once you leave urban areas, even a decent grocery store can be hard to find. Sure, there’s the classic road trip snack staples: nuts, seeds, crackers, bars, jerky and long shelf-life fruits like bananas, apples and oranges. But vegetables? Freeze-dried veggies and plant-based chips are the best options, but even those can be highly processed – and rarely pack a nutritional punch.

But we think we have the perfect road trip snack. Here’s why seaweed is a traveler’s best friend:

Non-perishable. Refrigeration is nice but not always an option, and fussing with a cooler and ice can be a hassle. Our dried seaweed is shelf-stable and happy at almost any temp - hot cars and fridges are no problem. Never worry about your veggies going bad!

Lightweight & tiny. Even a short hike can feel long when you’re lugging a lot. Water is heavy but necessary, so the last thing you want in your pack is weighty or bulky snacks. Our seaweed squares are as thin and light as a sheet of paper, yet full of satisfying crunch and rich, savory flavors.

Ultra-nutritious. Nuts, seeds, crackers and other shelf-stable staples offer good fats and calories to keep you going. But after a day or two on the road, we really crave something more like a salad. Seaweed is low-carb, low-calorie, low-fat, and it’s chock full of vitamins B12, K and iodine – more nutrient dense than any land vegetable, in fact. Salad in your back pocket!

Flexible & flavorful. We get so tired of the same old food after a few days of travel. GimMe is the best way to wake up those taste buds a bit. Delicious on its own, it brings out new flavors when paired with your favorite snacks. Wrap seaweed around mushroom jerky for a baby burrito or crumble a few squares over popcorn and trail mix to bring on the umami zing. It’s the perfect makeshift veggie to turn your on-the-go snack session into a complete mini-meal, greens and all!

So next time you get bit by the wandering bug, include some seaweed and actually enjoy packing up that snack box, and feeling your best while you roam. Just like getting lost on country roads, once you start exploring, the creative possibilities become quite fantastic! If you have a special road snack recipe or favorite flavor combo, we’d love to hear from you.

May your journeys always be joyful, your roads always smooth and your snacks always delicious!