gimme’s Gift Guide

December is all about celebration: epic feasts, festive gatherings, fun traditions – and of course, giving and receiving gifts. Always looking for fresh, modern gifts to tickle the fancy of family and friends, this year we opted to go a more sustainable route, with consumable presents that foodies will love. Here’s a little inspiration to help you navigate the season.

Christmas abounds with candy and confections of all kinds. gimme’s Roasted Seaweed Snacks are small enough to tuck into a stocking, balancing out the sweet stuff with some healthy snacks – perfect for both adults and kids. 

A few minutes in the kitchen with our gimme Seaweed Snacks or gimme Sushi Nori is all it takes to create tasty holiday-worthy treats. Easy to make, these homemade goodies add a personal, thoughtful touch to your gifts.

Here’s our top 5 favorites: 
Seaweed Sesame Cookies
  • Seaweed Cookies*  - Versatile cookies can go big or small: wrap up a couple as a single-serving sweet, box up a dozen for an open house, or leave a few out for Santa! 
  • Seaweed Popcorn* - A couple scoops in a cute holiday bag make a no-fuss, instant stocking stuffer
  • Teriyaki Roasted Mixed Nuts* - Elevate the traditional nut bowl with this easy and quick recipe. Make a double batch - it’ll go fast!
  • Seaweed Granola* - Hearty enough for breakfast, sweet enough for dessert, this granola will please just about any foodie.  
  • DIY Sushi Making Kit - Seaweed lovers are often sushi lovers. If you know someone who is just getting into making sushi at home, it’s easy to put together a sushi-making DIY kit. Assemble everything, and tuck in a set of cooking instructions or your favorite sushi recipes. Be sure to include:
    • gimme Sushi Nori, naturally!
    • Bamboo sushi rolling mat
    • Rice vinegar
    • Sushi rice (uncooked, of course!)
    • Sesame seeds
    • Wasabi powder
    • Soy or tamari sauce

*TIP: Package up your kitchen creations in earth-friendly reusable Mason or Ball jars, wrap with a big bow and you’re done! 

gimMe California Roll SushiBut no matter what gifts you end up making, giving or getting, we hope those presents only enhance your holiday. After all, gifts are about expressing love, appreciation and gratitude – it truly is the thought that counts!