Easy Snacks For Kids - Three Ingredients or Less

No season zips by as fast as summer! With schools already starting up, it’s time to ramp up the afternoon snack routine.



Everyone knows kids love to munch and crunch, but did you know that snacks play a vital role in child development? Growing and active kids need nutrients - but tiny stomachs can get full quickly, so providing extra nutrition between meals is key. Tasty, healthy snacks do a wealth of good: boosting energy, loading up developing bodies with essential vitamins and minerals - and keeping away the hangries! 

But finding snacks that are easy, yummy AND wholesome can be a challenge. Happily, superfood seaweed hits that trifecta! Terrific as a stand-alone snack, nutrient-dense and versatile, seaweed is also a super-simple swap to upgrade your classic snack favorites. Here’s just a few ideas to get you started, all of them 3 ingredients or less and ready in seconds! 

Cheese, please! Our Roasted Seaweed Squares make a great (green) cracker. Try them with:

  • Cheese & apple slices
  • Cheese & cucumber slices
  • Cheese & turkey
  • String cheese – wrap it up with seaweed for an umami delight

Cheddar is a classic choice – or go with swiss, gouda, or even cream cheese. Mix and match your favorite gimme variety to create novel new flavor combos, like wasabi squares with turkey, or teriyaki with pepper jack…mmm!

Bring on the Veggies! Load up on fresh greens and fun extras. Layer on fresh hummus or hard-boiled egg slices if you’re looking for a hit of protein. Here’s our favorite combos, so far:

  • Red pepper sticks & sprouts
  • Avocado, hummus, sprouts & egg
  • Superfood Ants on a Log: celery, cream cheese and chopped gimme squares – cute and tasty!
  • Veggie Drawer surprise: grab whatever you’ve got: carrot sticks, snap peas, green beans, etc. Add a little string cheese, then wrap it all up for tiny bite-sized seaweed-ritoes!

Sandwich Swaps. The easiest way of all to add nutrition, salty crunch and flavor in one move? Grab some seaweed instead of lettuce. Or use both for extra crispiness!

  • Pairs perfectly with turkey, pickles, tuna, egg salads and just about any sandwich fixings
  • Picky eaters? Try sprinkling seaweed crumbles on any sandwich – even a bit of seaweed packs a big nutritional punch

We’ll bet that once you get started, you’ll find plenty more ways to gimme up your after school treats,  and keep you and your kids snacking happy. Turns out, it is easy to be green!