Back to Routine - Easy Gimme in the Kitchen

Summertime winds down with the start of the school year. After the pandemic school hiatus, if getting back into a smooth groove feels more challenging than ever, know that you are not alone! The collective disruption of personal routines combined with continuous social ups, downs and changes has been exhausting. A school year with more manageable, stable times is something lots of families are looking forward to. 

gimMe is here to help you find ways to save time in the kitchen as you establish your new normal. Whether you’re looking for something new to feed the kids or want a shortcut to savory, tasty dishes for quick family night dinners, here are some ideas to get you back in the swing:

Savory oatmeal? Yes! Sometimes the traditional oatmeal add-ons like honey, maple or fruit can feel too sweet for the morning, but oatmeal lends itself well to a savory treatment. Try adding nori crumbles, diced baked sweet potatoes and a drizzle of sesame oil, soy oil or sriracha. It will wake up your taste buds for the day! Pile on a soft-boiled or fried egg for a heartier version. Seriously good-tasting and packed with vitamins, not sugar. 

Speaking of eggs…
Eggs and seaweed are surprising natural pals. Traditional breakfasts – eggs, toast, cereals, potatoes – have the advantage of being fast and easy, but they’re also typically greens-free and carb-heavy, which can weigh you down for the whole day. Adding some gimMe instantly adds nutrients (and welcome fiber) to your morning. We like these time-saving hacks:

  • Egg sushi – scrambled egg and leftover rice (or quinoa), wrapped up in a nori sheet. Easy!
  • Add nori strips to omelets, scrambles, quiches and baked egg dishes
  • Avocado toast – gimMe makes the avocado pop! Try our version: Fried Egg Toast 
  • Seaweed butter - We like to always have a batch of Seaweed Butter in our fridge.   Great for avocado toast, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes...anywhere butter goes!  
  • Bibimbap – making a kitchen sink version but no kimchi on hand? GimMe works great as a sub in a pinch.

Spice up the usual suspects 
One of the beautiful things about having gimMe in your pantry is the ability to add crunch, seasoning and umami all at once. It’s complex yet craveable flavors make it a smart addition, creating fuss-free excellent meals that don’t take much time at all.  

  • Nori mayo – Chop up toasted nori sheets, or grind in a spice mill or blender. Add to mayonnaise + fresh lime juice + salt, and you’ve got an inspired spread for sandwiches, burgers, even toast.  
  • Croutons – Whether you like making your own or just need to use up stale bread, seaweed seasoned croutons elevate simple soups and salads. Try our Caesar Salad
  • The no-salt salt – Try swapping seaweed for salt, whenever. 
  • Granola - we love to sprinkle Seaweed Granola over Greek yogurt for a quick, savory breakfast
  • Hummus – mix in some nori sprinkles, or throw in a few snack squares if you like to mix up your own hummus. Novelty ingredients yield oodles of flavor combos, so start your exploring with gimMe. Try our Seaweed Edamame Hummus
  • Leftovers – Got takeout in the fridge? Seaweed perks up second-day surplus Indian, Chinese, Korean, Thai food… Let your imagination run wild here. 

One thing we learned from the last couple years: sometimes it’s good to get out of a rut, and sometimes it’s good to get back into one. May you easily and smoothly find your way back to your own comforting routines - with a little extra touch of tasty, healthy happiness along the way.